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The DIHIWARE is a common platform of knowledge, methods and collaboration tools which enables cross-border fertilisation, continuous improvement, and open innovation of Industry on their digitalisation journey.

The finalised DIHIWARE is designed to support the inclusion of additional complimentary projects and networks where Industry require digital transformation services linked to one online community.

The DIHIWARE Platform offers a complete collaboration environment, inspired by Enterprise Social Software principles. It supports both “Access to” and “Collaborate with” services, providing companies with access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology during their Digital Transformation paths toward piloting, testing and experimenting with new digital technologies.
To this end, the Platform facilitates the matching between challenges and solutions, to prioritize ideas and to offer a place for collaboration and co-creation.

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Knowledge Management

IT Strategies for Business Alignment and Value Creation, aiming to maximize awareness, hands-on experience knowledge and maturity levels)

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Catalogs Management

A new way of managing information where the use of taxonomies and the power of metadata enable the organization of product and services and a their dynamic modelling and visualization

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Collaboration and Innovation

Building consensus, increasing levels of motivation and participation, pulling teams together and providing a fertile ground for experimentation