The collaboration tool
that allow communities
to build and manage knowledge in an
innovative way


Knowledge Management

Easily publish, organize, and access community information in one central location

Catalogues Management

A new way of managing information where the use of taxonomies and the power of metadata enable the cataloguing of resources and their dynamic modelling and visualization.

Collaboration And Innovation

Building consensus, increasing levels of motivation and participation, pulling teams together and providing a fertile ground for experimentation.

Open Data Space

A set of Services enabling the publishing and browsing of open data sets. Efficient mechanisms which enable easy publishing, management and consumption of such data.



MIDIH aims to attract, mentor and nurture local Manufacturing SMEs towards Industry 4.0 projects, experiments and business while stimulating the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. To this scope the project wants to build an European network of multidisciplinary competence centers able to give access to services and enable the collaboration of organizations by allowing them to find synergies. This will be done via a dedicated virtual environment powered by DIHIWARE Go to site


A one-stop-shop powered by DIHIWARE will empower a holistic end-to-end approach in autonomous and cognitive ZDM integrating services from existing DIHs and offering products supporting the ZDM paradigm through a singular marketplace. Go to site

Success Stories


  • Smart Industry and Agrifood
    Industry and Security Technologies, Research and Innovation (IS3) Lab
    Research & Development Department
    Research & Innovation Division